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Basics of Hydrography and Inspection of Subsea Infrastructures

Écrit par Geraud NAANKEU WATI

Titre : Basics of Hydrography and Inspection of Subsea Infrastructures
Auteur : Geraud NAANKEU WATI
ISBN : 9791069936584
Type : Livre
Reliure : Livre broché
Pages : 190 noir et blanc et 170 couleur
Type de papier : 100g offset blanc
Format : 170x240

  • Résumé

    Geraud, in this book, brings a new dimension in hydrography and inspection of subsea infrastructures. He stands out from the abundant literature in these fields, on the one hand, by proposing both a comprehensive theoretical and pratical/operational approach and, on the other hand, by federating methods, protocols and tools in order to provide order givers and members of hydrographic and topographic communities, some basics that can help them to better manage or conduct operations of hydrographic surveys and subsea infrastructure inspection from the bid response process to data analysis. In this sense, this book constitues an essential reference to better immerse oneself in the fields of hydrography and subsea infrastructure inspection, as it is the only book that deals particularly with many important aspects related to these two subjects.

    - Olivier SAMAT,
    Bathymetry Service Manager at SUBCMARINE.

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